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Online Prevention Waiver

Thank you for considering Bluebonnet Animal Hospital for your pet’s needs. Please fill out the below form below in its entirety to ensure we can provide you and your pet with the best possible care.

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We understand and empathize with the desire to find products cheaper. We know that several online pharmacies and catalog houses presently sell these products cheaper than we are able to.


If you wish, we will gladly write you a prescription for your pet for these products in lieu of selling them here. In order to write a prescription for medications deemed for sale by veterinarians only, we require a valid patient/veterinarian relationship. We do, however, wish for your decision to be an informed decision and want you to know several things regarding online pharmacies and catalog houses.

  • There is the possibility that the prescription drugs received from these vendors may be counterfeit and may not have been approved by the FDA. This has occurred in the past and could recur. Many pharmaceuticals manufactured and labeled for use in other countries (namely Mexico and Australia) have been illegally diverted and sold through online pharmacies/catalogs.
  • The number of tablets or capsules, milligram size of the unit, volume and/or concentration of liquid, and number of authorized refills may differ from that prescribed by the attending doctor. This is one of the main reasons for writing the prescription to be submitted to online pharmacies.
  • The manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees for these products may not be valid. This means if your pet’s condition is not effectively treated with the product(s), manufacturers may not stand behind their products or product liability procedures. Additionally, the owners of and doctors at this facility will be unable to assist you in claims against those manufacturers.

If you wish to continue to purchase online products, the following AVMA guidelines must be followed:

  • An office visit at Bluebonnet Animal Hospital must have been performed in the past 12 months.
  • For heartworm prevention prescriptions for dogs, a heartworm test must have been performed in the past 12 months.
  • Authorization faxes or emails will not be directly signed. A written prescription for the medication will be provided and must be picked up at Bluebonnet Animal Hospital.
  • If ordering from an online pharmacy and an error arises, you accept responsibility for rectifying the issue.

Alternatively, Bluebonnet Animal Hospital has an online pharmacy that receives all prescription medication from the manufacturer, follows strict FDA guidelines, and provides those manufacturer guarantees. All medication is available to ship to you and offers regular coupons to compete with most online pharmacies. Click here for our online pharmacy.