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Veterinary Dentistry

At our Austin animal hospital, we offer the best dog and cat dental care in order to ensure optimal oral health for your pet.


The Best Dog & Cat Dental Care In Austin

Like humans, your cat or dog only receives one set of adult teeth, which they use throughout their lives to chew their food. Without good pet dental care, your pet’s teeth can become rotted, which would then need to be extracted. In addition, organ damage can occur if bacteria from their mouths enter the bloodstream, making your pet sick. However, with regular dental care, you can help your pet ward off tooth loss, bad breath, oral pain, and dental disease.

Benefits of Proper Pet Dental Care

Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy is important for many reasons. Besides the fact they use their teeth to chew their food, which is vital to get the sustenance they need to survive, pets use their teeth in many other ways, such as for self-defense.

Keep Your Pet’s Teeth For Life

Like humans, your dog or cat only receives one set of adult teeth after their baby teeth have fallen out. Unlike humans, there are no real good dental implants for cats and dogs. Like humans, pets are living longer as well due to exceptional veterinary care, such as what is offered at Bluebonnet Animal Hospital in Austin. Thus, by investing in regular dental exams and cleanings, you will help ensure your pet keeps their teeth for life.

Ward Off Dental Disease

Dogs and cats can get dental disease, or periodontal disease, just like humans. This is where plaque begins to build up on your dog’s or cat’s teeth that then can harden into tartar. Tartar can cause inflammation and damage the teeth and the gums. This can cause tooth loss or infection. In addition, if your dog or cat’s teeth become infected, some of the bacteria could make its way into the bloodstream. Once it gets there, it can damage organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. Good dental care will prevent this scary scenario from occurring.

Prevent Bad Breath

Most of us have experienced bad dog breath. This can be because of what they ate, and then they come and lick you, or it can be perpetual, which is a sign of a more severe problem. Good health care for your dog or cat will prevent you from being blown away by bad breath.

Pet Dental Care Services in Austin

  • Dog dental cleaning and polishing
  • Cat dental cleaning and polishing
  • Pet dental X-rays
  • Dog and cat tooth extractions
  • Minor oral surgery
  • And more!

Interested in Our Dental Care Services?

Bluebonnet Animal Hospital offers a wide array of dental services in Austin, TX. Contact us to schedule your pet’s next dental appointment!